Saturday, 10 April 2010

Start The Bentley, Baby, We're Goin' To The Cayman Islands

A very short entry today. Two reasons for this: Firstly, I’ve spent most of the day visiting Godstone Farm in Surrey, where I was able to see some actual horseshit for a change. And secondly, I’ve very suddenly decided to spend some quality time with my wife.

You know, marriage isn’t an easy ride. No, sir, it needs working at, like sass or that dance that won Strictly for Jill Halfpenny the other year. It must be nurtured and cared for and one other similar verb. And that can sometimes be quite difficult; people grow apart, interests change. Some marriages reach a point where a decision must be made: should we stay together? Should we accept that this is our lot and make the best of it, or for our own sanity and that of those around us call it quits and move on?

It is a tragedy when a marriage reaches that point. What do you suppose could persuade people in that situation to just keep on pushing through the pain?

Three quid a week in tax breaks you say, Mr. Cameron? Why, that’s… that’s it!

Instantly, round the country, couples whose relationships are foundering on malaise, boredom, disinterest and mutual disdain see things differently. But more even than that, think what they could do with the money. This is a double whammy! Not only will it at a single stroke rescue the dying institute of marriage, but it’s just the fillip the beleaguered British pick’n’mix industry needs.


(Hopefully Occasional) Daily Mail Watch

The Daily Mail – which should replace the crest in the middle of its masthead with a picture of a big purple vein – runs on Saturday with another excellent headline: “Migrant City’s Cry For Help”. This raises the extraordinary vision of cities being forced to move away from their own counties for reasons of economy or persecution. I’m sure the article probably specifies which one has been put in this position, but as it’s the Mail I can’t bring myself to read it. If I had to guess, though, I’d go with Chester. It’s got Hampshire written all over it.


  1. I love this blog!

    Having said that, posted at 7 past one in the morning? Quality time!

    Also, did you mean "disinterested"?

    Seriously, though, this is exactly what I pay my Internet for.

  2. I too love this blog! And I too wondered about "disinterested" but both that and uninterested do kind of work.

    I for one am delighted that the Conservatives are passing judgement on our love lives and "look forward" to the unending sleaze stories on their extra marital affairs.

  3. Mr Addison has never to my mind been en vogue. The use of "disinterested" in this sense is fine if you are not constrained by an 18th Century grammatical corset.

    A disinterested observer.

  4. Thoroughly enjoying the blog; Keep it up :)

  5. My error has been replicated. Addison used not the adjective but the noun: "disinterest". Still think that's not what he meant, but only a complete twat would comment twice on the fact.